2021 Contest Results

Armor and Figures


#20 All AFV, 1/48 and smaller
1st Philip Hui: Eduard 1/72 M10
2nd Mark Miller: Hobby Boss 1/48 M4A1 76w
3rd Steve Bacon: DML 1/72 Panther A

#21a AFV's 1/35 and larger,
1945 & earlier (split Allied)

1st Kip Pelton: 1/16 Renault FT-17
2nd Chris Toops: Tamiya Easy 8
3rd Robert Williamson: Russian KV-2

#21b AFV's 1/35 and larger,
1945 & earlier (split Axis)

1st Henri Fournier: Panzer IV Ausf D
2nd Steve Bacon: KV-2
3rd Preston Stinger: Tiger I (late)

#22 AFV's 1/35 and larger
1946 & later

1st Dave Welch: M41 A3
2nd Edward Vinarcik: M-113
3rd Don Consentine: M60-A2

#23a Armorded Cars, Halftracks and Soft Skin Vehicles
(split 1/72 and smaller)

1st Bruce Simard: FWD Model 3 truck 1917
2nd Chris Toops: Diamond T wrecker
3rd Philip Hui: Unknown

#23b Armorded Cars, Halftracks and Soft Skin Vehicles
(split 1/48 and larger)

1st Keith Daucet: LTV-A Amtrac/Alligator
2nd Henri Fournier: Bussig NAG 4500s
3rd Chris Toops: Miaerva Armored Car

#24 Ordnance, includes Towed Weapons and Missles
1st Philip Hui: M4 High Speed Tractor & Long Tom
2nd Henri Fournier: Pak 43/41 Scheuntor
3rd Chris Toops: Flakvierling 88

#25 "What if" & Hypothetical Military Vehicles
1st Kip Pelton: Apocalyptic 50 Ford Pickup
2nd Preston Stinger: E-10 Tank

#26 Major Conversions & Scratchbuilt
1st Philip Hui: M44 Self Propelled Howitzer
2nd Robert Larke: M1A2K
3rd Kip Pelton: Apocalyptic Land Rover

#27 AFV Out-of-Box, All
1st Tony Wilsbacher: Marder III
2nd Philip Hui: Staghound MkII
3rd Chris Doppler: Stug III Ausf G


#30 Single, Real to life, 89mm & Smaller
1st Edward Vinarick: Woodland Warrior

#31 Single, Real to life, 90mm & Larger
1st Fred Lombardo: Crusader
2nd Brian Duddy: SGT Bull Randelman
3rd Mark Donleck: Princess Jasmine

#32a Busts (split small)
1st Kevin Foureman: Road Girl
2nd Tim Lacapra: George Preddy
3rd Brian Duddy: Norma Jean DiMaggio

#32b Busts (split large)
1st Russ Raney: The Candyman
2nd Kevin Raney: Alex the Vampire
3rd Kevin Foureman: Bride of Frankenstein

#33a Fantasy & Science Fiction
(split Small Scale)

1st Kevin Foureman: Searcher
2nd Don B Klien: Amy McDonald
3rd Dana Griffith: Dead Knights

#33b Fantasy & Science Fiction
(split Large Scale)

1st Russ Raney: Unmamable
2nd Kevin Foureman: Mary Jane "Jackpot"
3rd David Wrinkle: Rory Mercury

#34 Animals/ Creatures, Others
1st Brian Duddy: Memphis Belle nose art
2nd F. Cinealla: Wicked Witch of the West
3rd Dana Griffith: Mouusling

#35 Major Conversions & Scratchbuilt
No Entries