2021 Contest Results


#40 Replica, Factory Stock
Auto and Light Truck

1st Kip Pelton: 1956 Ford FD100 Pickup
2nd Miles Brignola: 1931 Model A Woody
3rd Robert Shankland: 1937 Cord

#41 Street Rods and Customs
1949 & older

1st Tony Martin: 1949 Ford Street Rod
2nd Rick Doering: 1931 Bugatti Royale Model 41
3rd John White: 1932 Ford Sedan

#42 Street Machines and Customs
1950 & newer

1st Rick Doering: Buick Opal GT
2nd Mike Garrett: 1955 Chevy Bel Air
3rd Tony Martin: 1960 Falcon Pickup

#43 Curbside & Slammers
1st Robert Bernahl III: Mako Shark
2nd David Spivey: 1969 Pontiac Firdbird
3rd Rick Doering: Datsun 720 Pickup

#44 Trucks, Commercial, Emergency Utility
1st CT Inman: County Sheriff 1997 Ford Expidition
2nd Steve Bowser: AMT Jeep
3rd Shawn Davidson: Chevy Titan 90

#45 Competition, Drag
1st Kip Pelton: 1957 Ford Wagon Gasser
2nd Mike Garrett: Mercury Comet Pro Stock
3rd Michael Sprowle: AMT Custom Gasser

#46 Competition, open wheel
1st Mike Garrett: 1934 Cupe Modified Stock car
2nd Brian Acker: 1993 Duracell/Mobil 1 Lola T93
3rd Donald Silence: Lotus 93T

#47 Competition, closed wheel
1st Kip Pelton: Unknown
2nd R. Frost: Unknown
3rd Mike Garrett: Unknown

#48 Motorcycles, All
1st Tim Lacapra: Kawasaki Ninja 2X-RR
2nd Roy Frogtag: Tamiya Ninja H2R
3rd Darock Shaw: Motorcycle

#49 Out-of-Box
1st Mike Garrett: 1953 Hudson Hornet
2nd Tony Martin: 1957 Ford
3rd Kip Pelton: 1957 Chevy Bel Air