How do Judges judge a Diorama model?





Judges look for four elements: basic construction (criteria are the same as in the regular categories for each specific subject), story line, presentation and ground work.


Story Line:

      The modeler should start with a simple story idea that will be told through the use of scale models. The story may be a duplication of a photograph, or it could be part of history or its chief aim may be humor. Whatever is chosen should be historically correct and make visual sense. Story line is worth about half of the score in the diorama category.



       An intangible quality which may be described as making the scene look candid. Examples are: situating the entire scene on an angle to the base, rather then making it square with the sides; posing automobiles with the front tires turned slightly or buildings with windows that are half open. In the event of a tie, the diorama with the better presentation will be chosen as the winner.


Ground Work:

        This covers terrain, buildings, roads, etc. The construction elements (vehicles, figures, etc) should set well together. The terrain should blend with these elements in terms of weathering and camouflage.