How do Judges judge Space and Science Fiction models?





Basic Construction


1.      There should be no seams, glue marks or sanding scratches. Parts and joints should be filled where necessary.

2.      Scratch-built items or added detail to kits should be consistent in construction and detailing. If panel lines on joints show on one part of the model, the same effect should integrate together well.

3.      Parts that are kit-bashed should integrate together well.




1.      Small rockets and thrusters should be drilled out when possible.

2.      Kit antennae that are out of scale should be replaced.

3.      Details peculiar to specific vehicles (tile weathering on the Space Shuttle or metallic thermal blankets on the Gemini adapter section, for instance) should be duplicated.


Painting and Finishing


1.      Paint should be smooth and uniform, with no smudges, runs or fingerprints.

2.      Models of TV or film subjects should match their on-screen appearance.

3.      Weathering should be subtle and to scale.

4.      Decals should display a uniform finish and show no film or silvering.

5.      Re-entry vehicles should show aerodynamic heat damage and weathering, if subject is depicted in a post-flight mode.