I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year! I trust that you had a good Christmas season and New Year Celebration with loved ones and friends. I've always maintained that it is all good fun, until the Cops arrive.

December Meeting Recap:

Onto the December meeting. 13 Members were present on the 16th, and a number of topics were covered. Up front apologies are due on behalf of the Chapter Leadership, as there was no Pizza to be served for the meeting. It came down to a case of every one especially in leadership had figured it was being handled and there was no follow up. Many thanks to Mr. Pavey, forgive me but I forgot the name of other person, who were thoughtful and kind to bring in holiday noshes for all to share at the meeting.

Old Business:

2018 school schedule for Warren Township is out and posted on the public access website. Good info for advance heads up regarding contest dates. Hint, hint.
Dates for 2017 Contest have been posted.

New Business:

New meeting site issues:

There are some serious issues with using the VFW as a new site. We can only book two months out for the room. There is a good likelihood of getting bumped at short notice for any other social event, even with prior booking. For example weddings bring more bodies (and revenue) in. Friday is also the VFW's busiest evening.

Lawrence Library is an option, but has similar scheduling issues.
Mt Comfort Fire Station.
There may be other viable locations which have not yet been suggested.
Or remain at the BSA Center.

We will have to come to the January Meeting at the MCL Restaurant ready to make a decision as a Chapter as to what to do. We will have to decide at the January meeting.

IPMS March 2017 Contest:

Information for the contest is coming together and staff personnel are on course carrying out their particular tasks.
Fliers are being revised and will go out ASAP for next year.
An ad for the IPMS Journal needs to be submitted for publication.
The Roscoe Turner Chapter Web Page and the Facebook Page have been brought current with the contest information as well.
Once the fliers have been printed, copies need to be distributed to central Indiana venues and locales. Based upon the pricing structure used in past years we've always made a small profit at the show in past years.
The Chapter has considered the issue of raising table rent for the show and possibly raising other costs. The members present voted to raise the rent cost to merchants in an affordable and reasonable manner. The cost of hosting such a contest has been steadily increasing over the past years.
The Chapter members present also voted to alter the pricing structure for the Contest entry fees. This year the model contest entry fee is $10.00 for an unlimited number of entries.
We are also going to renegotiate the table rent contracts as well as canvassing other potential table suppliers. As a rule, about 200 tables are rented for the contest.
The Contest Category Entry Groups were revised and streamlined at the November Meeting.

So, with the business part of the December 2016 meeting completed, we come to the meat of the January 2017 meeting.

Guidelines for the January White Elephant Game:

Regarding the January 20, 2017 meeting, first we need to decide where it will be held. Traditionally, it's been convened at the Castleton MCL Cafeteria. I've looked for the rules and they've been committed to the ether, so here goes:
People who wish to participate need to bring a wrapped or suitable camouflaged gift. Ball Park is about $25.00 value. These will be piled onto a table.

Any unopened gifts left on the table will go on the Chapter sales table of the Raffle Table for the March Contest at Raymond Park Middle School.

Show and Tell:

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

So the plan is to see you on January 20, 2017 at the Castleton MCL Restaurant. You are encouraged to purchase some food or dessert there and dine if you will. Please bring family or friends, the more the more mirthful. Dusty is hoping MCL will remember to have Chicken and Dumplings to serve this year.
The function should start about 7:00 PM, so plan accordingly if you wish to dine.
There will be a brief business meeting. Then the White Elephant Game.

See you then.