January 2019

We donít have much of an update this issue, as we were mostly preoccupied with the Annual White Elephant Night. More details below.
Hopefully you have been keeping warm with the polar vortex going on, and managed to take advantage of this weather to build some models. After all, this is an indoor hobby. Just remember that paint dries and cures more slowly in colder temperatures!

As you know, this coming meeting will be our last one before the contest, and Andy will probably refer to this meeting as D-Day -1. Last chance to make adjustments and suggestions, so please make sure you can make the meeting with any suggestions or concerns. Some notes regarding the contest meeting is included in the newsletter for your information. Letís make this yet another great contest and give our participants a great time!

IPMS Indianapolis Roscoe Turner - Indianapolis, IN

Steve Bacon - President

Jim Kingsolver - Vice President

Ken Kindler - Treasurer

Tom Choy - Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Mark Hiott - Webmaster & Chapter Contact

White Elephant Party

We had 16 victims... er, participants at the White Elephant this year. Roger was unfortunately not able to make the meeting, so we ended up picking on Dana instead. Hopefully, everyone had a good time, and we even made some post-event trades after.

Meeting Notes

Just another reminder that itís also time for club dues. Please bring a check or cash for $20. Dues will be added to the club coffers, and will be used for various activities such as venue reservations (like the VFW), award sponsorships, annual contest war chest, donations, club events and more. The club operates as a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and none of the funds wind up in the memberís pockets except for expense reimbursements for club-sanctioned events.

Contest updates:

Andy Leffler has reminded us to reach out to him if you happen to see an opportunity to promote our upcoming contest. He has high-resolution, high-quality flyers that can be posted in hobby shops, and PDF templates if flyers need to be printed and handed out. You could either get the flyers from him, or he can send you the digital file, and you can print it out at a local Kinkoís (hang on to that receipt so we can reimburse you). There is one more event coming up (the Columbus contest on Feb 16) that we can still hand out flyers at. Additional details on these contests/events are on Page 3.

Of concern last meeting was our difficulty in having our contest added to the IPMS contest calendar. Fortunately, that has been resolved and our event is indeed showing up on the event calendar. Our ad is also on Page 50 of the January IPMS Journal!

We will continue to search for kits as prizes, and are still open to any donations you may have.

The planning committee had a meeting on Feb 3rd. Below are some quick status updates:





For next year, weíre also going to have a manufacturer coordinator, to reach out to various manufacturers/distributors to see if we could interest them in donating raffle prize. Preston Stinger will head this effort.



As usual, we would love for you to help us with judging. Itís a thankless job but behind the scenes, it makes for a good time and we get the whole room to ourselves to examine the models close up without getting in line.

Social Media:



Keeping with the rat rod theme, the award is painted on an air filter lid, dinner plate-sized.

Lance Sellers is in charge of the Best IndyCar award, and Wunji is sponsoring the Best Gundam & Mecha award.

A couple more essential tasks vital to the smooth operation of the event will be headed by:

Upcoming Events:

We also have the following contests in the region. Note that Iíve only included events that are within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at:

Upcoming Car Shows:<

Upcoming Air Shows:

A surprise announcement from the RAF Red Arrows. They will be performing at the 61st Chicago Air and Water show, on August 17-18.

This team does very few engagements in the United States, so this will be a rare opportunity to watch this famous team.

John Brown Group Build

The photos from the December John Brown build were unsatisfactory, so weíd like to bring in a lightbox in April to photograph them again. If you have a completed John Brown build, please bring them in again for the April meeting. This would also be an opportunity to complete your build if you missed your previous deadline.

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on December 21, 2018. And again, donít forget itís also the due date for your John Brown Group Build entry, and once again, pizza party!

Show and Tell:

Due to the White Elephant event, we did not do Show and Tell at the last meeting.

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on February 16, 2019. See you there!