I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
February 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year! I trust that you had a good Christmas season and New Year Celebration with loved ones and friends. I've always maintained that it is all good fun, until the Cops arrive.

Jamuary Meeting Recap:

Onto the January meeting. 18 Members and 4 Guests were present on the 20th at the MCL Restaurant in Castleton. The guests were Laura Leffler, Leta Taylor, Dusty Griffiths, and Andy Pawlik. Thank you all for joining our meeting. Several topics were quickly covered.

Old Business

Dates for 2017 Contest have been posted.

New Business

There are issues with IPMS National Chapter and Region Headquarters which need resolving.
Our Chapter Charter has been renewed and IPMS Member renewals should be arriving soon.
Earl Moore has been hospitalized with heart problems. He may be home by now but a phone call to say hi, never hurts.

New Meeting Site Issues:

The Chapter voted to try the February Meeting at Family Time Games, 8796 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268, Telephone #(317) 429-9817. It is in the Strip Mall on the northwest corner of 86th Street and Michigan Road.

Other locals which have been suggested are:
Buck Creek Government building at the Mount Comfort Airport.
Wayne Township Fire Department

2017 Contest

We need a volunteer for a Contest Coordinator.

We need a club blitz regarding advertising.

An ad for the IPMS Journal needs to be submitted for publication.

The Roscoe Turner Chapter Web Page and the Facebook Page needs to be brought current with the contest information as well. (this has been taken care of)

Once the fliers have been printed, copies need to be distributed to central Indiana venues and locales.

Based upon the pricing structure used in past years we've always made a small profit at the show in past years. The Chapter has considered the issue of raising table rent for the show and possibly raising other costs. The members present voted to raise the rent cost to merchants in an affordable and reasonable manner. The cost of hosting such a contest has been steadily increasing over the past years. We are also going to renegotiate the table rent contracts as well as canvassing other potential table suppliers. As a rule, about 200 tables are rented for the contest.
The Chapter members present also voted to alter the pricing structure for the Contest entry fees. This year the model contest entry fee is $10.00 for an unlimited number of entries.

Tom Chop is assembling a Standard Operating Procedure Book for the Contest. Please provide input from any areas of expertise regarding processes at the Contest. It should make things contest wise easier in the future.

The Contest Category Entry Groups were revised and streamlined at the November Meeting.

A number of kits were donated for the Contest Raffle by Roger Dickinson. Thank you, Sir.

So, with the business part of the December 2016 meeting completed, we come to the meat of the January 2017 meeting.

The White Elephant Game

I've included some photos from the White Elephant Game: It was fun, shenanigans and goofiness.

Roger Dickinson who almost solely builds aircraft was blessed with a model kit of a Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck. Be wary of what comes packed in big boxes. If I recall, he is a Ford or Chevy guy. That begs the question, will he or won't he step up to the challenge and build it with his typical artistic finesse?

I donated a SturmGeschutz to the game and got another Stug in return. Go figure.

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

Don't foget the next meeting is February 17 at Family Time Games at 7:00 P.M. We will probably draw some attention. Please bring items for Show and Tell. If we make a good effort we may bring in new members to the club. Ditto for trying to attend the meeting, as this will be the last meeting before the March Contest. See you then.