I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
February 2018 Newsletter

Spring is just around the corner and that means our annual contest is about to happen! Here's what we had from the last meeting:

January Meeting Recap:

Old Business:

Ken Kindler has secured a Grex airbrush for the super raffle.

Andy Leffler still has ten of the new club shirts for sale. The club is kindly subsidizing the cost of the shirts, so one of these beautiful shirts will only cost you $10. We have a few L, XL and 2XL sizes remaining.

New Business:

Mike Benolkin and Tim Funnel will donate kits for our contest raffle, but of unknown quantity. We encourage you to donate a kit or two of reasonable quality to help seed the raffle.

Currently, we have 35 kits purchased from Hobbytown for the raffle.

We will also purchase $300 of kits from John's stash to help seed the raffle. In addition, we will purchase what's left at the end of the show, so that Jim won't have anything to bring back and we ensure that John's stash is liquidated.

We will also see about recruiting Paul Flores to help with some purchasing for the raffle.

We need to pull out the display items for the show from storage. The storage facility is east of Hardee's on Washington.

As always, we'll have a work session the night before the contest to set up. The tables will show up at 4:30pm on Friday 3/9.

Jim Higgins will pick up pizza dinner after setting up the tables. Ron Young will pick up drinks.

Erik Fox has lunch taken care of for the day of. He also has the rooms set up for seminars.

At the end of the show, the school will have one of the booster clubs show up to help tear the tables down (hint: fold just one of the table legs completely in, have the other one canted out at 45 to help with easier pickup.

Don't forget to wear your new club shirts.

We'll also have a club display table, so bring one or two of your best, completed models for the display table.

Wunji Lau and Jon Alsip kindly put together a pair of presentations for judging sci-fi and figures, two categories that are typically tricky to judge. The rule of thumb for sci-fi is: judge it based on the genre it is inspired by; eg: Macross jets are judged like aircraft; Gundams are judged like armor; spaceships are judged like ship models, etc. For figures, take note of the detail and finish of course, but also pay special attention to the illusion achieved by the painter's technique. The handout and slides Jon created for the presentation are also attached to the email this newsletter came in.

In Memoriam:

We are saddened to announce that we have lost one of our own. John Brown, passed away in January. He will be remembered for his kindness, loyalty, friendship and badly timed jokes. John was never into memorials, so there will not be a memorial award at the contest, but we will do the Crappy Kit Group Build to remember him towards the end of the year.

Upcoming area contests:

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