I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
March 2017 Newsletter

Hello all,
This is the lat Newsletter before the March 11, 2017 Contest at Raymond Park Middle School in Indianapolis. Further details are in this issue.

February Meeting Recap:

At the IPMS February 17, 2017 meeting, 17 Members were present at Family Time Games. The meeting was busy and productive. Many thanks to Sean, the owner of Family Time Games for being so kind to host us. I also think that his inventory of Bandai Star Wars model kits were somewhat reduced.

Old Business

Dates for 2017 Contest have been posted.

New meeting site issues:
The VFW is a possible location however there is a good likelihood of getting bumped at short notice and can only book two months out. The VFW Hall out by Fort Harrison, may be available in a few months as the leadership changes.
Tom Choy has offered a site to meet at the Live Church near 10th and Raceway it is a meeting hall. The members present at the February Meeting voted to convene the March 17 meeting at Toms Church Meeting Hall.
Hobby town South has offered as a meeting location guaranteed every third Friday.
Another possible location Mount Comfort Fire Station.

New Business

Dues are needing to be paid if you owe dues.

Tom Choy has taken on developing and assembling the the SOP Charles Haines had started. Please send him information, observations, and experiences.

The 2018 Contest Fliers need to go out ASAP for next year.

2017 Contest

Steve Pavey is working up an award for the Best WWI Subject.

Tables have gone up to $2,050.00 with Best Rentals. Delivery time have yet to be established. Table bids are still being solicited from other sources. Two Volunteer Groups from Raymond Park Middle School will help to set up and take down. Table Legs to raise the table are in good supply and order.
68 vendor tables have been sold as of February 17, 2017.

Eric Fox is looking for Head Judges.

John Brown has agreed to set up Pizza for Friday Evening delivery will be about 6:30 PM. Eric Fox has volunteered to coordinate lunch on Saturday.

Folks who want to meet for Breakfast at BlueBerry Hill Restaurant at 0600 Saturday morning. Located in: East Washington Plaza
Address: East Washington Plaza, 7803 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219 Phone: (317) 358-8401

One of our Chapter will purchase Table Covers Sam's Club, 1 or 2 Boxes. Do not show up at Raymond Park Middle School to help with the Contest set up until after 4PM. A better time would be 4:30 PM on Friday March 10, 2017. With ample folk from the Chapter pitching in to help set up, it should go smoothly.

On Saturday the doors at the School will be open at 0700 for vendor setup. The Contest will open to the public at 900 AM.

Ad for the Journal needs to go out.

Based upon pricing structure in past years we've made a small profit at the show. We may need to consider raising table rent for the show and possibly raising other costs. The Chapter voted to raise the rent cost to merchants at the February meeting.
We are also going to renegotiate the table contracts. About 200 tables are rented for the contest.
Model contest entry fee is $10.00 unlimited entries.

Contest Categories have been revised to streamline the entry groups.

Show and Tell

It is with great and sincere apologies that the editor announces that due to a technical error or an insufferable operator error, there will be no photographs of models for the February meeting.
However, use your visualization camera and the palette of your imagination, and so I present:

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

See you all at Raymond Park Middle School on Friday March 10, 2017 at 4:30 PM for the contest set up.