I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
April 2017 Newsletter

Hello all!

March Meeting Recap:

20 members were present and Laura Leffler volunteered as interpreter and as acting referee.

We had three guests: Mr. Tony Landis, Mr. Brian Stansbury, and Mr. Josh Trapp. Welcome!

Old Business

The following are a number of points of issues which were discussed at an informal "After Action Review" of the March 2017 Contest.
We survived another Contest.

Contest Room:

Vendors Room:

The Chapters Show Repair Case is in need of updating.

We need to establish dates for 2018 Contest as early as possible. A usual issue is we have to work within Raymond Park Middle Schools Event Schedule.

Update Club Shirts. We need to sort out an affordable solution, probably up to 3 and 4X.

We received a lot of good complements from the vendors and others after the show.

New Business

Ken gave away magazines and and sold Tamiya Putty as well, for a couple of bucks each.

We need to collect the numbers of contest entrants for the last ten years.
(this has been taken care of)

We need to add more info to the web site and Facebook Page: Photos, articles, reviews, ETC.

Show and Tell

It is with great and sincere apologies that the editor announces that due to a technical error or an insufferable operator error, there will be no photographs of models for the February meeting.
However, use your visualization camera and the palette of your imagination, and so I present:

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

Our next meeting is at the Life Church Family Center, 9101 W 10th Street, April 21, 2017, starting at 7:00 PM

(317) 222-5510