I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
April 2018 Newsletter

Spring is just around the corner and that means our annual contest is about to happen! Here's what we had from the last meeting:

March Meeting Recap:

We talked about plans for the summer, and some changes for next yearís contest. Old Business:

We still havenít heard back from the school as to whether we were getting billed for the police officer who provided security at the contest. Without knowing all of the expenditures, we would not be able to determine whether we had made a profit or loss.

Brian Stinger hasnít heard back regarding the tablecloths.

New Business:

1. Erik Fox is taking a break from being contest chairman. Andy Leffler will take over the management of the event.

2. Jim Philhower has proposed bringing back the penny auction. Everyone brings a hundred pennies, and everyone gets to use the pennies in an auction to get whatever they want for the auction.

3. Steve Bacon has proposed having a club picnic/barbeque. It would be nice to have a get-together outside of the modeling club.

4. To add some interest to the meetings, we the following events coming up:

5. Kevin Burns has suggested making name tags again. They would help with identifying members at contests, and also for those who are terrible with names.

6. A site redesign was briefly discussed. A few questions were brought up:

Some discussion was also made about whether we could put up images from the contest on our site. Bandwidth was brought up, but it was suggested that the images be posted for a short period.
(Currently the webpage contains contest photos dating back to 2003.)

7. Other suggestions for the summer would be a road trip to the Gilmore Museum, at Hickory Corners, MI (NE of Kalamazoo). Roscoe Turner used to fly for Gilmore Racing, so it would be neat to explore the history of our clubís namesake.

Show and Tell:

Upcoming area contests:

* Denotes non-IPMS event (shown for info only)


Next meeting is on May 18, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm at Life Church Family Center as usual.