April 2019

Our annual contest has come and gone, and we can now take a break, mull over lessons learned, and most importantly, play with some of the sweet deals we picked up at the vendors.
Spring is finally here, so there is the anticipated slowdown in activity, but you can’t be outside all of the time. When heat, humidity or allergies call, the cool comfort of the workbench beckons once again. There are still a few model shows nearby, but most importantly, airshow season is on! Pack on that sunscreen and grab your cameras!
In addition, preregistration for the IPMS/USA National Convention is still going on. There are a couple of IPMS-related items that we were contacted on, and I am including this in the newsletter for your consideration. Please read and participate in these requests as they will help IPMS overall.
IPMS Indianapolis Roscoe Turner - Indianapolis, IN

Steve Bacon - President

Jim Kingsolver - Vice President

Ken Kindler - Treasurer

Tom Choy - Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Mark Hiott - Webmaster & Chapter Contact

26th Annual Contest:

Our contest has come and gone and was a success. Hopefully, everyone had a good time and got some good deals at the vendors. We have some statistics, courtesy of Mark Hiott:

Total entries: 549

Thanks again to everyone to helped make this event another success and joy for our visitors!

Old Business:

Major Eric Curtis, a member of the VFW, heard about us and asked if he could commission us to build the M1A2 that he commanded during his deployment. Preston Stinger has kindly volunteered to do so.
We discussed some basic details of the contest. Andy thanks all of you for your help in making this yet another successful show.
The raffle was quite popular, and we will start seeding for the raffle year-round, so that there is more time to get more favorable pricing.
A proposal to examine whether some categories should be expanded. One example is the figures/busts category, which has noticed significant growth. Kevin Burns has advised looking at the compiled statistics over the years to get a better idea of how to expand the categories.
We also noticed more split categories, so we will need additional split category forms.
Splitting each category across the tables was popular with the judges as it allowed for more space for movement, enabling faster judging. This arrangement should be maintained for next year.
So as not to have the entire meeting be about the contest, Andy scheduled a post-mortem meeting for April 14 so that the club meeting could continue with normal activities. The topics discussed are posted on page 2 (see contest post-mortem).

Contest post-mortem:

The planning committee had a meeting on Saturday, 4/14, to dissect the numbers, discuss lessons learned, and start some preliminary planning for next year. For the most part club meetings will be less about the contest, at least for a while, unless something critical came up that needed to be brought to the club’s attention. A few items came up for discussion:

If you have any additional feedback, questions, comments or suggestions to offer, Andy would love to hear from you. You can reach him via email at deafpanzer@gmail.com
We also discussed the financial aspects of the contest, but we will not publish this on the newsletter as this goes out to the general public. If you have any questions regarding the financials, please reach out to Ken Kindler, our Treasurer.

IPMS/USA 2019 National Convention - a request from the organizers

Lynn Petty, the president of the IPMS National Convention in Chattanooga, TN this year, has emailed us with few requests:

Official IPMS/USA Survey

An official survey of the membership to ascertain preference of GSB and 123 judging systems is now under way. Please note that this is an official survey to supply current information to the E-Board, and not an actual proposal. There is no effort that anyone is aware of to change the way IPMS/USA judges our contests. The purpose of this e-mail is to inform the membership of the survey. As part of the survey, IPMS has provided basic, unbiased descriptions of both GSB and 1-2-3 systems that will be included in the April/May issue of the Journal, along with the survey card to include non-computer users.
Full details of the survey can be found here: https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/20686-official-ipmsusa-survey/
Voting itself will take place via the aforementioned survey card in the April/May 2019 issue of "The Journal", at the nationals in Chattanooga this summer, and now on-line on the election ballot. The survey will also be printed at the bottom of the model registration forms at the national contest to best insure the maximum participation of the membership.
The survey, questions, 1-2-3 and GSB descriptions, were composed by a group of volunteers with oversight from Ron Bell, the E-board, with participation from Mark Persichetti, Chief Judge for IPMS/USA and the NCC. Members may vote for their choice on the survey when voting in the general election. The instructions are here: https://voting.ipmsusa3.org/content/activate-your-account. The only way you can vote on the survey on-line is register to vote in the general election. Remember that this is our IPMS. Please participate, so that the E-Board will be able to take your thoughts on the matter into consideration.

Upcoming Events:

We have the following upcoming contests in the region, within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/all-events.

Upcoming Airshows:

New Sherman aftermarket:

Our very own Mike Kalbfleisch of HDS has designed some more items for the 1/35 Sherman. This time, he has designed some plates for those of you who don’t want to cut up an old kit to create the Improvised Jumbo Sherman:

To find out more, look at:

Upcoming club contest:

At the November meeting, Ron Young will be hosting a "Rolls-Royce/Allison Engine" theme build contest. To be eligible, the relevant model(s) will need to include ANY product produced by Roll-Royce or Allison Engines. The models will be judged and winners will receive R-R swag accordingly. A short presentation regarding Rolls-Royce products will occur at the May meeting to help encourage ideas and participation. Contest Rules:

1. Display the completed model at the IPMS RT November Meeting (11/15/2019).
2. Identify the relationship to the Rolls-Royce/Allison Engine theme.
3. Multiple entries are allowed.
4. You do not need to be a club member to enter.

Ideas: Rolls-Royce and Allison Engines have made a multitude of products over their 100-year plus existence. Modeling topics are not limited to just aircraft. Products have or are currently being made that can be replicated by the space, naval and armor modeler. Do your research and have fun learning more about each company. Ron will be glad to assist if anyone has questions or comments.
He can be reached at 317-999-3158 or rony270120@gmail.com.

Spicing up the newsletter and meetings:

As always, we are always looking for additional articles, stories, news items to add interest to the newsletter, as well as opportunities to add variety to our club meetings either by way of group build ideas or presentations. Please email ipmsroscoeturner@gmail.com if you have any ideas.

In Search Of:

If you’re hoping that someone in the club has that one oddball modeling accessory that you can’t find elsewhere, try sending your request to ipmsroscoeturner@gmail.com. We’ll push it out on email and include it in the newsletter and club Facebook page.

Rick Wilkes is looking for Victory Productions sheet 48004 Douglas A-4 Skyhawks. He has a family connection to someone who served on the Oriskany when it was on fire, and would like to build one of the AH coded A-4s that were on the ship that fateful day.

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on April 19, 2019. See you there!

Show and Tell:

Wunji Lau: MAR-3R Marauder Bandai 1/100 converted to 1/72

Wunji Lau: Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera Bandai 1/14,500

Wunji Lau: Rebel Blockade RunnerTantive IV Bandai 1/1000

Jim Philhower: M727 SP Hawk Carrier Dragon 1/35

Jim Philhower: Cromwell Tank Tamiya 1/35