I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
May 2017 Newsletter

It's officially Spring in Indiana. Where one can have all four seasons in one day. It's also when the town of Speedway really comes to life for the month of May.

April Meeting Recap:

At the April meeting we had one guest, Kimberly Trapp. Welcome!

20 members were present.

Old Business

We were shy judges and we need to have a workable solution for judging. If you are a judge stay till the end of judging. When you finished judging help out till all the judging is finished.

The models need to be checked for accuracy of the category.

One option is to have the Head Judges remain in the room to insure he categories are sorted properly.

One idea would be to have a practice judging session prior to the contest.

We received a lot of good complements from the vendors and others after the show.

We need to add a dead line that the raffle prizes need to be collected by a certain time.

Barricade the head judges area. Rope off the area.

Signs at the contest hall showing hall is closed and shows time of the show hall hours.

First Aid Show Case for emergency kit repairs is in need of updating.

The Club Display Table needs more members kits on it.

Photos of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awardees and Best Of categories for a record of the winners.

Photos during the show to add to the Web and Facebook. May add crowd and people photos.

Update Club Shirts, somehow.

Several vendors said they would be willing for having seminars on model related subjects which would draw patronage.

Dates for 2018 Contest should be confirmed by the end of August of the previous year.

Ongoing matter of people buying collections early in the contest. That's an ongoing issue withseveral point of view.

We should add more info and articles to the web site and Face book Page.

New Business

We may want to consider going with two judge teams for the contest regarding densely entered categories such as Armor and Aircraft.

Please try to attend the May meeting at the Life Church Family Center. We need to vote for a permanent meeting site.

Show and Tell

It is with great and sincere apologies that the editor announces that due to a technical error or an insufferable operator error, there will be no photographs of models for the February meeting.
However, use your visualization camera and the palette of your imagination, and so I present:

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

Next meeting is May 19, 2017 at the Life Church Family Center, 9101 West 10th Street Indianapolis. Please try for maximum attendance as we really need to decide where to meet permanently.
If anyone grouses about driving distance remember, one member lives in Greenfield and another lives in Brown County. See you in May.