May 2019

With the weather ostensibly warming up, maybe itís time to get some outdoor time again, since it has been chilly pretty much the entire month. Allergies will probably hit back with a vengeance, but no matter what, hopefully youíll get some modeling time in.
Spring and summer are typically our slow months as many of us spend more time with family outdoors, going camping, working on the yard, house, etc and modeling output slows down. Maybe you could keep the fire going with a slow project. Check out Erik Foxís suggestion below for a slow build that could chip away a few moments of your time during this season.
While you might not be building, you might still be shopping, reading or thinking! If you have any hints or tips youíd like to share, some new product youíre excited about, or thoughts on an event you attended, please email it to me at Photos are appreciated, too!
IPMS Indianapolis Roscoe Turner - Indianapolis, IN

Steve Bacon - President

Jim Kingsolver - Vice President

Ken Kindler - Treasurer

Tom Choy - Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Mark Hiott - Webmaster & Chapter Contact

Meeting Notes:

MAJ Eric Curtis (Ret), our visiting veteran, stopped by at the meeting to drop off his commission kit with Preston and Andy Leffler gave him his 1/35 scale AH-6J Little Bird that was built up in Battle of Mogadishu configuration. You may remember that Andy built this several years ago (a closer look is on the Show and Tell section on page 3). Eric was very appreciative of the gift and took some time to tell us about some of the unit history and unit trivia that he was at liberty to divulge.

Weíll see him again from time to time, and we look forward to the reveal when his commission model is completed.

The meeting was mostly spent talking about random topics other than the contest, since we had effectively spent the last six months talking about it. Among the random topics were:

A new WW2 series called The Pacific War in Color, on the Smithsonian Channel. Jim Philhower talked about the beautifully restored footage, much of it unseen, taken during the war in the Pacific. The next two episodes are: Striking Distance, on Friday, May 17 at 3pm, and Fire From The Sky, on Monday, May 20 at 3pm. Itís possible Jim is the only one who knows about it since heís retired and it gives him a break from looking for that coyote.
Another neat series to keep an eye out for is The Long Road Home from National Geographic. This is based on Martha Raddatzís bestseller of the same name, which chronicles the events of April 4th, 2004, when a platoon was ambushed in Sadr City, Baghdad, in an attack that came to be known as "Black Sunday". It looks like the first seven episodes are now available to watch for free on the NatGeo website. Thanks to Erik Fox for this tidbit.
The highlights of the month will both be in Louisville. First, the MMCL (Military Modelers Club of Louisville) contest on May 18. The show is a well organized, well run event that reputedly features one of the best raffles in Region IV. They will even have a barbeque truck outside for the benefit of the attendees. If you are attending, please try to be a good neighbor and help out with judging if you can. It would also be good to see how their judging process works. If you canít find any deals the contest, but want to spend money anyway, thereís also Scale Reproductions (3073 Breckenridge Ln, Louisville, KY 40202), an honest-to-goodness real hobby show that has been around for a while (it apparently started out in the basement of a dentistís office). For more details, look at Upcoming Events.
The next event will be Wonderfest 30. Rather than the traditional model show, this will be more of a scifi/figure contest, with distinctly different rules and requirements. Many of you might remember Wunji Lauís and Jon Alsipís talk on judging the scifi and figure categories from two years ago. This event will be your opportunity to see these criteria in action. Wunji, Jon, Meredith Randall and Charlie Haines usually showcase their work here, so it would be awesome to stop by to show your support. Also different from your typical model show is the appearance of pop culture icons, such as Marta Kristen (Lost in Space, Man from U.N.C.L.E) and Rick Sternbach (designer for many Star Trek: The Motion Picture, DS9 and Voyager). Details are also in Upcoming events.

Upcoming Group Builds:

Erik Fox has some ideas for a group build:

1. Build one for Olí Blighty. Build something is British made, built or used. It can be any subject, scale or era as long as the subject is British made. Sorry, no Fireflies or anything in that vein. No timeframe, but bring in a kit and show us what you want to build.

2. An out of the ordinary attention getter. The idea for this build came from talking with Vic Russell, and how he was trying to pick a subject to build that would stand out at the IPMS Nationals. The idea was that a lot of modelers will build the same subject for contests and as a result, tables are flooded with Panther, Shermans, ME-109ís, F-15ís and so on. You get the idea. If you want to join this group build, pretend that you are building for any modeling show and you want your entry to stand out. You know what usually shows in your favorite category, so build something out of the ordinary that is sure to grab the judgeís attention.

Both group builds are open to any subject and scale, aftermarket or straight out of the box. The end date can be sometime next year or until we get tired of building for these groups. I just ask that people bring in an unstarted kit and talk about why they are choosing that subject. If you do bring in a finished kit for either of these builds, please let Tom know so that we can get specific folders created for the group build on Facebook. Better yet, if you are on the FB page, create a folder there and post some in progress and completed build photos.

Upcoming Events:

We have the following upcoming contests in the region, within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, May 17, 2019. Please support the VFW by coming hungry and buying a cheap and delicious meal from their kitchen! (cash only, by the way)

Show and Tell:

Andy Leffler AH-6J Little Bird Dragon 1/35

Jim Philhower M728 CEV 8th INF DIV AFV Club 1/35

Jim Philhower Free French M4A2 Sherman Tasca 1/35

Steve Pavy Gallimimus Honorable Lead Boilerplate 1/64

Steve Pavy Dr.Fu Manchu Reaper Chronoscope 1/64

Steve Pavy Charlie Chan Reaper Chronoscope 1/64

Preston Stinger T-10M Meng 1/35

Wunji Lau Hussar Battlemech Kitbash/Scratchbuilt 1/72

Dana Griffith SSG Guffy Dr.Flintbone 1/90

Tom Choy Su-7VBM Fitter KoPro 1/72

Tom Choy Q-5 Fantan Trumpeter 1/72

(L-R): Art, Charlie, Lance, Paul, Jim and Larry taking a closer at the monthís completed builds.