I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
June 2017 Newsletter

It's cone zone and concert season in Indiana. Translation, it's Summertime!

May Meeting Recap:

Guests: Laura Leffler
18 members were in attendance.

Old Business

We were shy judges and we need to have a workable solution for judging. If you are a judge stay till the end of judging. When you finished judging help out till all the judging is finished.
One idea would be to have a practice judging session prior to the contest.
Another option is to have the Head Judges remain in the room to insure he categories are sorted properly.

The Contest First Aid Case for emergency repairs during the contest is in need of updating.

Club Display Table needs more members kits on it.

Photograph 1st, 2nd, 3rd awardees for a record of the winners.

Several vendors said they would be willing to have seminars on model related subjects which would draw patronage.

Dates for 2018 Contest should be confirmed by the end of August of the previous year.

Ongoing matter of people buying collections early in the contest. That's an ongoing issue with several point of view.

Numbers of contest entrants for the last ten years should be examined for trends.

Update Club Shirts. Andy Leffler has volunteered to coordinate shirts being made. Photos of examples follow. He brought in samples by made Lands End. He works for a company who makes shirts and the club has opted to cover the balance of the shirt provided the member pays for the first $10.00 of the shirt. We are in the process of reacquiring the application which produced the embroidered Chapter logo.

We should add more info articles and photos during the contest to our Web Site and our Facebook Page.

New Business

We may want to consider going with two judge teams for the contest regarding densly entered categories.

The Chapter voted to remain at the Church Center and make it our permanent home for the foreseeable future. Please thank Mr. Choy and his church for their gracious hospitality.

The IPMS RT Chapter 25th Annivesary Theme for the March 2018 Contest is: Made in Indiana. The present members of the Chapter voted and carried the motion.

Ken Kindler read a email from a contest attendee who had a entry that won a few years back and it won again this year and he had concerns as this was a past winning entry. Ken answered the person quite nicely.

Heads up alert! The movie Dunkirk hits the theaters on July 21!

Show and Tell:

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

Next meeting is June 16, 2017 at the Life Church Family Center, 9101 W. 10th Street, Indianapolis.

To all of you who traveled to Louisville for Wonderfest 2017, hope you had a good time and did well.