I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
July 2016 Newsletter

June Meeting Recap:

The meeting began after at after 7:00 PM June 17, 2016 at the Indianapolis Crossroads Boy Scout of America Center. Some 18 members were present

Old Business:

Room rent for the meeting site as the rental rates have increased. The small room is $150.00 Month. The large meeting room costs much more.
The topic has been announced of remaining of finding a new location to meet as our rent fee increased three times. Possible sites are Mt Comfort Government Bldg, a local VFW Hall, or other sites such as a Future Farmers of America meeting hall or some local near the American Legion Hall downtown. YMCA is a possible site also.

New Business:

There was a discussion regarding the Chapter possibly hosting a Regional show in 2018 with Columbus as a possible site.

Show and Tell:

Folks, I do humbly (me humble, yup right) apologize, but apparently a case of operator error took place with the new tablet word processing software. Now that I've figured out how to save, losing meeting notes for the Show and Tell should not occur in the future. Apparently the June Show and Tell notes have been forever bequeathed to the ether.

Wrap Up:

That's it for July. We'll see you on Friday August 15th at 7:00 PM at the Crossroads Center for the August meeting.