I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
August 2017 Newsletter

It's cone zone and concert season in Indiana. Translation, it's Summertime!

July Meeting Recap:

14 members in attendance

Old Business

We may want to consider going with two judge teams for the contest regarding densely entered categories.

Ideas for a 25th Anniversary Theme in Indiana for the March Contest, in need of ideas for a theme or do we need a theme. Made in Indiana: Chapter voted and carried.

Update Club Shirts: Andy Leffler has volunteered to coordinate shirts being made. He brought in samples by Lands End. He works for a company who makes shirts and the club has opted to cover the balance of the shirt provided the member buys the first $10.00.

The Chapter voted to remain at the Church Center.

Ken Kindler read a email from a contest attendee who had a entry that won a few years back and it won again this year and he had concerns as this was a past winning entry. Ken answered the person quite nicely.

April 2017 was supposed to have been when the Chapter elected new Officers. We somewhat overlooked pushing the issue. On a related matter, the Chapter members should decide if they desire to be Chapter Officers. The Officer positions consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
At Federal and State levels elected Offices are usually held for two or four years. The Chapter may consider invoking a similar policy rather than having to hold annual elections.
We should, as a Chapter, schedule an election soon so that we remain legal in accordance with IPMS National policy.

New Business

The Chapter should make every effort to have as much ready for the contest the next year by August or September of the previous year.

Along with the previous would be to have the Contest Standard Operating Procedures in print and available for distribution.

There is need for the chapter members to put in article reviews and photos on the IPMS Roscoe Turner Web Site and FaceBook Page.

Among the suggestions for workshops and seminars for the contest, one is for 'How to take photos of models and in process kit assembly.

Show and Tell:

Upcoming area contests:

* Denotes non-IPMS event (shown for info only)

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

Your Minister of Letters aka Secretary not will be present for the August meeting as he will be in a Seminar at GenCon at that time. If some noble and courageous soul would take notes and some decent photos of the models for Show and Tell, We'll likely have an August 2017 issue of the Chapter newsletter.
(I had to specify photos of models for Show and Tell, else I fear with some of this crowd we'd get mono-thong selfies.

Our next meeting is September 15, 2017 at the Life Church Family Center, 9101 West 10th Street Indianapolis.

See you in there!.