August 2018

July Meeting Recap:

We discussed our meeting location again, a few minor details on the contest, and welcome a new member.

New Business

1. It's September, so it's club re-chartering time. For $30, we maintain our relationship with IPMS-USA, along with the benefits and rights to hold events.

2. Thanks to Kevin Burns, we have the VFW locked in until December. Our continued patronage of the location will depend on our behavior and also whether we bring a positive impact to the facility. We did find that access to the kitchen was a big bonus to the members as we get to dine-in during the meeting.

3. We are close to locking in the new contest date. Tentatively, it will be March 9, 2019.

4. For next year, it has been suggested that the grand raffle prize would be a painted, weathered, reproduction WW1 helmet (to go with the theme of 100 years since the end of WW1).

5. We have discussed making the raffle more attractive:

6. Given the increasing popularity of Gundam builds, some more thought should be given to fleshing out the Gundam category, what with Hobbytown being more active in supporting build days and contests. IPMS does have a dedicated Gundam category and should be examined for ideas.

7. We talked about the John Brown Group Build. Alot of us got some of his old, partially or unbuilt kits. Come December, let's finish the models, bring it along and enjoy some fellowship and memories.

8. The club contest committee met on Saturday, 9/15, to discuss contest planning details. Andy will present his findings and thoughts at the next meeting.

9. We warmly welcome new member Rob Lyons. Rob is an avid sci-fi builder and is passionate about Star Trek.

Upcoming area contests:

For September and October, there will be some events within a few hour's drive:

There are also going to be several airshows within a few hour's drive!

Show and Tell:

The club was unusually prolific in terms of output this month, considering that this was the middle of summer.


Remember that the August meeting will be at the Fort Harrison VFW 7119, at 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, from 7pm to 9pm. The kitchen will be open. Please come to the meeting, enjoy the company, and have a nice, hot meal.