I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
September 2016 Newsletter

August Meeting Recap:

Fall is scant days away and the grills are being stowed for winter as the Christmas stuff goes up in the stores along with Halloween goods.
The meeting began on August 19, 2016 after 7:00 PM at the Indianapolis Crossroads Boy Scout of America Center. 16 members were present and Laura and David Leffler were present as well. Greetings to them

Old Business

Room rent for the meeting site as the rental rates have increased. The small room is $150.00 Month. The large meeting room costs much more. The topic has been announced of remaining of finding a new location to meet as our rent fee increased three times.
We as a Chapter have decided to search for feasible new meeting locations. Among those discussed are Mt Comfort Government Bldg, a local VFW Hall, or other sites such as a Future Farmers of America meeting hall or some local near the American Legion Hall downtown. YMCA is a possible site also. We have been offered the use of the rear open area of a new Game Store in Northwest Indianapolis rent free. It is called Family Time Games. The venue has late hours on Friday, more than ample space, and is owned and operated by a former U.S. Navy SEAL named Sean and his Fiancee.
Update on the new meeting search The Chapter voted in August to have the meeting at Family Time Games on the 3rd Friday in October. Sean, the owner, was thinking third weekend. Mr Pavey sussed this out when he went to the venue for some shopping. I confirmed the problem when Dusty and I went there for a registered Pathfinder Society Game. The weekend of 21-23 October Family Time Games and other game stores in the area are hosting a massive miniature gaming competition. So all the stores that weekend will be wall to wall tables filled with miniature wargaming battles.
The YMCA has meeting rooms available at $75.00 per hour. So at this point it's back to the drawing board and we may be better off where we are at.

New Business

Tom Choy has made some blocks to hold paints. They are raising funds for a charitable cause.
We need to get with Raymond Park Middle Schools to get info for the march contest. Their annual school schedule is distributed in system when the before school Ra-ra session for teachers and staff is held in late July. We should have that schedule in hand by August and an firm decision for the contest date made by September. Merchants and others are already inquiring when the date for the 2017 contest will be and they can be given no definitive answer at this point. Along with that is we need to avoid conflict with other chapters over the march contest date. Which means getting our contest date published soonest.
Those who attended the IPMS National Convention related that it was very competitive with good attendance. There were two tours one to the navy base to see an aircraft carrier.
The 2017 IPMS National Convention is in Omaha and in Chattanooga in 2018.
The start of the Club Build titled 'Anything Hollywood' is pushed back to the August Meeting. Rules are anything that may have been in a Motion Picture Film or Television Series is fair game. Cars from 'Grease', Character figures from monster films or action adventure films (No Porn Films however, still a family based venue). The German Tanks from the 'Battle of the Bulge' for example. Aircraft from movies are even fair game. For a real challenge try the repainted Spanish Me 109's from the 'Battle of Britain'.

Show and Tell:

Upcoming area contests:

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Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

That's it for September. We'll see you on Friday October 21st at 7:00 PM at the Crossroads Center for the October meeting.