September 2018

Hello, fall! As the leaves change for a new season, so does the newsletter as we do the same. Dana did a great job with the newsletter, and I wanted to hopefully evolve it with a different aesthetic. I had been meaning to bring about an update for the past year but I couldnít come up with a happy medium that looked nice but not cluttered. The idea was to create a thematic newsletter to honor our namesake, Roscoe Turner. After a year of fiddling with various formats and templates, I decided to discard with the extra lines and graphics and go with a simpler, minimalist format. A smaller, Art Deco-inspired font for the banner tops off the conventional two-column newsletters we see a lot of these days. This isnít the final format though, and I might adjust it again later as I tweak it further. I hope that you like and enjoy the changes.
I would like to expand on this by adding contributions from you, our members. If you have any hints or tips youíd like to share, some new product youíre excited about, or thoughts on an event you attended, please email it to me at Photos are appreciated, too.

Meeting Notes:

We are at "99.9% certainty" that the 2019 contest will be locked down for a March 9th date. We are currently penciled in the school calendar, by Raymond Park still needs to finalize the details. We should have a final answer from RPMS by the October meeting.
We have also secured three workshops to keep our visitors busy:

This would be fantastic opportunity to discover if seminars would add value to the contest and provide some entertainment for the contestants. We also debated whether we should open up the rafters for contestants to sit at in the main contest room, but it was decided that it would be less distracting for the judging process.
For category splits, we will have some separator cards that we can place on the contest table.Charlie Haines will be designing some separator cards. Another thought was to draw lines on the plastic sheeting with a dry-erase or permanent marker to create split zones.
Andy Leffler has determined that to maximize our productivity as contest staff, he has set up a staffing checklist to make sure all roles are properly filled. See the attached spreadsheet for more details. If you wish to volunteer, please do not hesitate to let Andy know at
To improve the visibility of the contest, weíre going to experiment with some social media outlets. Contest updates will be posted on the Facebook page more, and weíre also experimenting with Twitter. Assuming we can get people to follow the account, we can potentially post everything from last minute traffic updates to raffle results. Stay tuned as we play with this.
We are also creating a Raffle Quick Reaction Team to source out raffle prizes. Please reach out to Steve Bacon or Preston Stinger if you come across any kit liquidations or estate sales nearby. We have also voted to increase their purchase authority to $750 from $500.
In addition to purchasing more kits, please consider donating to the raffle pool by adding one or two of your unbuilt kits in your stash. The kit does not need to be in its original shrinkwrap, but should be unstarted with all original contents intact.

Other News:

Earl Moore, long time member and owner of Hobbies Ní History, has decided to retire and close the business mid-December. Starting on Saturday, October 20, 2018, everything in the store will be 20% off until everything is sold off, or when the store closes.
Please stop by when you have an opportunity. The storeís address is: 2070 Indianapolis Avenue Lebanon, IN 46052 (Exit 138 from I-65 N)
We wish him the very best and to a happy retirement!

Upcoming area contests:

Donít forget you have until the December meeting to complete your John Brown Memorial Build. At the end, we will put our completed builds, and send a picture to Kathy, Johnís mom.
We also have the following contests in the region. Note that Iíve only included events that are within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at:

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on October 19, 2018. The kitchen is open so please come by, enjoy some hot food and good fellowship with your fellow model nerds!

Show and Tell:

Our club has churned out quite a few more models over the summer. There hasnít been quite this good a turnout for around this time of the year for a while, and models were finished to boot!