I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
October 2016 Newsletter

September Meeting Recap:

Halloween is almost here and they are even telling spooky stories at work. Also, I finally watched a Presidential Debate. There is still about a half a bottle of Evan Williams left and I very infrequently imbibe, but I was invited to a debate party and sacrifices had to be made.
The meeting began on IPMS September 16, 2016 after 7:00 PM at the Indianapolis Crossroads Boy Scout of America Center.

16 members were present and David Leffler was present as well. Greetings...

Old Business

Those who attended the IPMS National Convention related that it was very competitive with good attendance. There were two tours one to the navy base to see an aircraft carrier.
The 2017 IPMS National Convention is in Omaha and in Chattanooga in 2018.

New Business

March 11th, 2017 is the contest date. So that means we need to start planning and getting the word out.
An October meeting at Family Time Games has been scrapped. The October 21, 2016 meeting is at the FT Harrison Veterans of Foreign Wars Meeting Post 7119.
The address is 6525 Lee Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46236, Telephone (317) 823-6180.
Friday is steak night and there is a bar open. The meeting should start around 7:00 PM, 1900 HRS for the former military types. There are private meeting rooms.
If there is no charge for the use, it would be prudent for the Chapter to make an annual free will donation to the VFW. That can be discussed if we decide to make it a permanent site.
Various groups and clubs at Raymond Park Middle School have offered to help set up and tear down for the March Show 2017.
We need to shop around for table rental vendors in the area and see if we can land a better contract.
Tom Choy is making and selling paint pot holders for charity, call him if you want some.

Show and Tell:

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

Don't forget the October 21, 2016 Chapter Meeting is at the VFW Post, 6525 Lee Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46236, Telephone (317) 823-6180, starting around 7:00 P.M.
Friday night is Steak Night, so I've been told.