I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
October 2017 Newsletter

September Meeting Recap:

Guests: Mike Kalbfleisch builds Armor and other genres.

18 members present

Old Business

Four people were nominated for the new club officers:

President: Steve Bacon
Vice President: Jim Kingsolver
Treasurer: Ken Kindler(for another term)
Secretary: Tom Choy

Additional persons can be added before the vote is taken on September 15, 2017.

Ken Kindler reported that Charles Haines and Nelson Taylor purchased $375.00 of discounted model kits as a lot from the local Hobbytown USA franchise for the March 2018 Model Contest.

Steve Pavey has produced information chits for people who bring items in for Show and Tell. The intent is for the person to describe their item so as to expedite the show and tell process for the Secretary.

The Chapter Shirts continue as a work in progress.

New Business

March 10, 2018 has been confirmed as next years contest date at Raymond Park Middle School.

Chapter Elections were held this evening and the results follow:

Please congratulate all of them for picking up the banner and carrying on.

We need volunteers to photo and video tape the show.

People are already requesting tables for the March 2018 contest.

Seminars for the contest on how to take photos of models and building of kits. If we have seminars at the contest we need to confirm presenters and rooms from the school before the contest.

Show and Tell:

Upcoming area contests:

* Denotes non-IPMS event (shown for info only)

Meeting Wrap Up and Alibis:

This will be my last copy of the Newsletter that I distribute. Next month, Mr. Choy will be fulfilling this role and duty. Please provide him all the support and assistance that you have given me over the past few years.

Our next meeting is October 20, 2017 at the Life Church Family Center, 9101 West 10th Street Indianapolis.

See you in October.