October 2018

Now that the chill has settled in, hopefully we won’t slack up on the crazy amount of fantastic builds we’ve been coming up with over the past few months. In past summers, we were lucky to see one complete model along with two or three works-in-progress. We’ve been getting multiple builds and it’s great to see that we’re keeping busy with such amazing work. Fall also brings in the start of the contest season, starting with the Cincinnati contest on Oct 20, and ostensibly ending with the Dayton contest in April. Then it’s several months of warm summers until the Nationals (in Chattanooga, TN for 2019) in August. So let’s get building!
I would like to expand on this by adding contributions from you, our members. If you have any hints or tips you’d like to share, some new product you’re excited about, or thoughts on an event you attended, please email it to me at thomaschoysm@gmail.com. Photos are appreciated, too.

Meeting Notes:

We had to make a difficult decision to vote on whether we would hold our annual contest on March 9th of next year. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we ended up getting into a schedule conflict with SEMMEX 2019 near Detroit. To be fair, Detroit asked for the date first but the decision was made at the regional level to award the date without consulting us, as the Detroit had historically done the 1st weekend of March while we ran the 2nd.
It’s too late to change anything at this point in time, but Detroit has been gracious enough to share dates with us. They too, understand how scheduling can paint people into a corner. We will make sure this does not happen next year, but both of our shows will invariably suffer as a result of this conflict. Let’s make sure to reciprocate their graciousness by making it a point to visit their show in 2020 (when we’re on our properly scheduled dates).

The debate was whether to continue holding our event at this date, move to a different date, or cancel the show altogether. Holding our event at the same date puts us in competition with another club, which we have always strived not to do so. Moving it to a different date was more appealing, but being this late in the game finding a new venue would be an issue. We were also backed into a corner in that the Cincinnati show was the morning after the meeting, and we would have to start handing out flyers 12 hours later anyway, so there was no way to get a contract on said new venue. Dave Lakey also pointed out that vendors and visitors have known our venue for years, and making a sudden change would not go well with our guests. Cancelling it was possible, except that we had a relationship with Raymond Park and our patronage was part of their booster funding. Finally, clubs have historically struggled to regain the momentum on a contest, both attendance and organizationally, after cancelling one. The difficult choice of continuing to stay the course with the March 9th date was voted on unanimously. We will discuss strategies for avoiding a repeat of this after we are done with the contest.

Another challenge we are facing is that we will not have a couple of our larger vendors, like CMR, Last Calvary and Dean’s, next year. Chris has retired and sold his business, so there was nothing we could have done about it. Dean’s, however, was forced to move to a different event as he could not get a confirmation on whether we had the school for the 9th (he isn’t going to SEMMEX, however).
Altogether we’ve potentially lost 10 tables. Ron Young will reexamine his vendor contacts, but he has had an extensive list of vendor relationships built up over the years and has advised that it would be tricky to backfill those tables, but he will do what he can. It is worth noting that even though we have fewer tables, we have dealt with this before and has not hurt us. Table count over the past years have dipped, but the numbers are climbing again. Past table counts are 105, 98, 78, then back up to 87. In any case, we are going to have a challenging year. We can all but learn from it, and strive to make it better next time. Onward and forward!

We also have some less stressful contest-related news:
For now, we’ll bring flyers to contests when we can to hand out (see Steve Bacon for new flyers), and connect any interested new vendors with Ron. Andy Leffler has also printed up glossy, high-quality flyers for hobby shops, if we are stopping by any.

Brian Stinger showed us the replica Doughboy helmet he intends to paint up for the special WW1 award. Andy is also trying to get a replica Stahlhelm for the same purpose. Brian is also interested in creating a special award for the Best Rat Rod Award.

In other award news, Lance Sellers has offered to sponsor the Bob Clidinst award for Best Indy Car Model.

We’re going to do more to promote the club and leverage technology to make our contests a better experience for our visitors. To that end, we’ve started a new club Twitter account that would be monitored by and run by a few members. As we get closer to the contest, we’ll start blasting out information on our websites, emails and the new account. One of the things we’d like to do with the Twitter feed is to send out raffle results in real-time, so that anyone can check their raffle results, anywhere - even in the judging room! We do not have projected use data on this, but it is operated at no cost to us and with very few resources other than a few minutes. Follow us at @ipmsroscoeturn1.

In addition to the Twitter feed, we also have an official Gmail account, so Mark’s not getting queries on his personal email account. The address is ipmsroscoeturner@gmail.com, and you can also send in your newsletter contributions via this address!

Finally, we also welcomed guest Walt Gillespie, owner of Rusty Stumps Scale Models. Rusty Stumps specializes in railroad diorama accessories.

Hints and Tips:

If you’ve ever had to mask a wheel well for painting, you know how annoying it can be. There’s the off shapes and turns that a wheel well have, and at that point there are probably some bits already attached that could get damaged while masking.
One way to mitigate this is to paint the wheel wells, then stuff the wheel well with wet tissue paper to block it off, then so some touch-up work on the overspray later.
An alternative to this is to had a good gloss coat of clear acrylic floor wax (aka Future) over your wheel well areas, and with a Q-tip and mineral spirits (thinner for oil paints) ready, use an enamel mix for your wheel well and airbrush into the wheel well. Once complete, immediately dampen the Q-tip with the mineral spirits to wipe away the overspray around the wheel well. Run over the cleaned up areas with a dry Q-tip after, allow to dry, then, if you use oil washes, spray Future back into the wheel well to seal it up. The reason I use Future is that acrylic coatings are not affected by enamel, and vice versa.

Upcoming area contests:

Don’t forget you have until the December meeting to complete your John Brown Memorial Build. John was never into much memorials, so instead, we’ll finish off his incomplete models and send a group picture to Kathy, his mom.
We also have the following contests in the region. Note that I’ve only included events that are within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at:

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on November 16, 2018. The kitchen is open so please come by, enjoy some hot food and good fellowship with your fellow model nerds!

Show and Tell:

Our club has churned out quite a few more models over the summer. There hasn’t been quite this good a turnout for around this time of the year for a while, and models were finished to boot!