November 2018

We are at the end of the year, and it’s been an eventful one. We’ll be capping the year off with our annual pizza party, which would be on 21 December, again at the VFW. We will also celebrate the life of John Brown with a group build, using the partially built kits we got from him. We’ll be sending photos of our completed work to John’s mom, Kathy.

We will also have the White Elephant party in January. This would be at the usual third Friday, and will also be at the VFW. For those unfamiliar with the White Elephant game, read on for details.

Hopefully, you are staying warm and getting some time off from your busy lives to get some modeling time in!

IPMS Indianapolis Roscoe Turner - Indianapolis, IN

Steve Bacon - President

Jim Kingsolver - Vice President

Ken Kindler - Treasurer

Tom Choy - Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Mark Hiott - Webmaster & Chapter Contact

Meeting Notes

We had a brief discussion about the contest. Ken has assured us that we are good to go for the 2019 contest, and also gave us a primer on how the venue reservation process worked:

This tends to move at a fairly slow pace, and it is not uncommon for the contract to show up after the New Year. However, we are quite set for this event as we have had a good rapport and history with the school. In essence, we are indeed locked in for our March 9 date.

Being the end of the year, it’s also time for club dues. Please bring a check or cash for $20. Dues will be added to the club coffers, and will be used for various activities such as venue reservations (like the VFW), award sponsorships, annual contest war chest, donations, club events and more. The club operates as a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and none of the funds wind up in the member’s pockets. Speaking of club events, the next meeting also happens to be our annual... Christmas Pizza Party!

The last meeting of the year also means it’s time for our Annual Christmas Party. We will provide pizza,in the form of cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers and supreme to cater for a wide variety of preferences. You can purchase your beverage from the VFW, from soft drinks to beer and liquor (but please drink responsibly). Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs or allergies.

White Elephant Party

January marks yet another one of our annual White Elephant Parties, a tradition started by John Bowery, one of our former members. More details will be provided in the next newsletter.

Modeling News:

Ken Kindler went on vacation in Europe, and managed to stop by a few modeling-related places. He visited the Amsterdam Aviation Museum, as well as the famous Aviation Megastore, where he describes rows after rows of books, models, clothing, and other such aviation-related items.
He also visited Brussels, where he checked out the Royal Belgium Military Museum and AutoWorld, the car museum across the street. Ken highly recommends all of these places if you intend to visit Europe.
The highlight of the trip for Ken was attending the Telford IPMS show, widely regarded as the world’s biggest modeling show, and showed us some of his latest purchases as well as some noteworthy upcoming new releases. Once again, the show did not disappoint, and Ken had a fantastic time with his family.
As the Telford show was an opportunity to get the latest and greatest in kits and accessories, and as well as books of all sorts of esoteric subjects, Ken brought home a backpack full of things he bought. Some of the neat items he brought along for show and tell were:

A book about the Argentine Air Force’s role in the Falklands War, in particular their Skyhawks:

Ken shared another book about Skyhawks, this time of the ones with the Israeli Air Force:

Ken also picked up the new Tarangus SAAB JA-37 Viggen in 1/72. Ken advises that the Tarangus boxing is a bit pricey, and recommends waiting the Special Hobby reboxing of the kit at a later date, which should be cheaper (this kit was a collaboration with MPM Group and Tarangus)

Not pictured (but much talked about) is Airfix’s massive 1/24 Grumman Hellcat. There were also some resin bits for some of his projects, and a new offering from MPM - the Special Hobby "Simple Set" series - MPM’s rival product to Eduard’s Weekend Edition series.
There were a lot of companies with new stuff, but the company that excited Ken most was Airfix, with a lot of new tool 1/48 releases coming up:

A completed test build of the Bristol Blenheim Mk.1F:

New Hawker Hunters, also in 1/48:

And lastly, test shots of the new Spitfire FR Mk.XIV sprues:

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all Airfix’s upcoming new products for the next year. Airfix usually makes two to three new release announcements throughout the year, so there may be other kits in different scales.
There were of course other new releases, but Ken only had a limited amount of time there and was unfortunately not able to document everything.
Wingnut Wings is releasing their first WW2 kit - a 1/32 Lancaster! On display were some test shots and sprues on display. Wingnut recognizes that not everyone would have the space for such a large and expensive kit, and have also announced plans for a partial kit - just the forward fuselage section, which includes the cockpit, which makes for a more reasonably-sized kit and interesting display piece.

With part-owner Peter Jackson being a diehard Lancaster fan, this should be the Lancaster kit to get:

Show Report:

A couple of us attended the IPMS Butch O’Hare contest in Itasca, IL in November. The show was moved from its original location in Downer’s Grove, IL. This year, the event was held in the lobby and several conference rooms of the Holiday Inn Itasca. Being a larger venue, there were a lot more vendors, and the vending was also kept separate from the contest area. The contest room was held in the large conference room, and was brightly lit. However, the event used round tables for the model display which made for some awkward placement.
The show was smaller this year (estimated at 300 models), but was likely due to some loss of attendance due to the newer location, which is further north of the old venue by about a 30 minute drive.

Upcoming Events:

Don’t forget that you’ll need to have your completed entry for the John Brown Group Build. John was never into much memorials, so instead, we’ll finish off his incomplete models and send a group picture to Kathy, his mom.

We also have the following contests in the region. Note that I’ve only included events that are within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at:

Upcoming Airshows:

Thanks to Erik Fox, we now have the schedule for the upcoming 2019 as well as tentative 2020 schedules for the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. Below are the nearest appearances within a 300-mile radius (the exception being Cleveland, being just slightly over 300 miles away from Indianapolis).
Please note that the 2020 schedules are tentative, and subject to change. This of course also does not account for weather. Hotel rooms will be at a premium at these events should you wish to stay overnight, so plan accordingly:

Thunderbirds 2019:

Thunderbirds 2020:
Blue Angels 2019:
Blue Angels 2020:
Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on December 21, 2018. And again, don’t forget it’s also the due date for your John Brown Group Build entry, and once again, pizza party!

Show and Tell

Wunji Lau UH-60A Blackhawk Hasegawa 1/72
Wunji Lau Wolfhound Bandai 1/72

Steve Pavy Star Blazers 2202 ApolloNorm Bandai 1/40000
Steve Pavy B-wing Fighter MPC 1/94

Steve Pavy Jetsons Hovercar Polar Lights 1/24
Preston Stinger 30.5cm Grille "Bar" Amusing Hobby 1/35 (WIP)

Preston Stinger Stug IV 1944 Dragon 1/35