I.P.M.S. Roscoe Turner Chapter
December 2016 Newsletter

Now that Thanksgiving is past, in my personal view is one of the 'Pain in the neck seasons, Christmas. As my Wife says "I'm in cahoots with Santa Claus". I have receipts and I know how to use them.

November Meeting Recap:

Onto the November meeting. 14 Members were present and a number of topics were covered.

Old Business:

2018 school schedule for Warren Township is out and posted on the public access website. Good info for advance heads up regarding contest dates. Hint, hint.
The December 2016 meeting is scheduled to be held at the Crossroads Boy Scout Center at 7:00 P.M. On November 18, 2016. PIZZA!!! for the December meeting. You are welcome to bring beverages and desserts to make it a, whatever.
Dates for 2017 Contest have been posted

New Business:

The Chapter has voted to move to the VFW starting next year. The December meeting will take place at the Boy Scout Center.
Information for the contest is coming together and staff personnel are on course.

Guidelines for the January White Elephant Game:

Regarding the January 20, 2017 meeting, first we need to decide where it will be held. Traditionally, it's been convened at the Castleton MCL Cafeteria. I've looked for the rules and they've been committed to the ether, so here goes:
People who wish to participate need to bring a wrapped or suitable camouflaged gift. Ball Park is about $25.00 value. These will be piled onto a table.

Any unopened gifts left on the table will go on the Chapter sales table of the Raffle Table for the March Contest at Raymond Park Middle School.

Show and Tell:

Meeting Wrap Up:

See you for pizza and early Christmas cheer on Friday December 16, 2016 at the Crossroads Boy Scout Center.