December 2018

Happy New Year! As we enter 2019, letís get things rolling refreshed and with open work benches.

Januaryís meeting also marks the annual White Elephant. This would be at the usual third Friday, at the VFW instead of MCL. The good news is that they wonít be in a hurry to shoo us a way at 9, and we will still have good, cheap food at the kitchen and bar. For those unfamiliar with the White Elephant game, read on for details.

Hopefully, you are staying warm and getting some time off from your busy lives to get some modeling time in!

IPMS Indianapolis Roscoe Turner - Indianapolis, IN

Steve Bacon - President

Jim Kingsolver - Vice President

Ken Kindler - Treasurer

Tom Choy - Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Mark Hiott - Webmaster & Chapter Contact

Welcome to the Club!

We are an ever-growing and evolving club, and we had the good fortune to gain a new member, and also see someone that has not been around for a while. We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mike Miserendino and a welcome back to Bob Hanes!

Local armor aficionados will remember Mike as one of the staff at the former Ropkey Armor Museum, though Mike builds just about anything as is quite passionate about sci-fi subjects.

Bob is one of those guys who has done everything, from working on aircraft during his service days to working in airliner companies. Nowadays he roams the Midwest in his van selling an impressive array of modeling-related books, many of which are hard-to-find titles, and occasionally consulting with kit manufacturers on research matters.

Meeting Notes

Our year end December meeting was marked with the annual Pizza Party.
We had 10 pizzas: 2 cheese, 3 all-meat, 3 pepperoni and 2 supreme, four boxes of breadsticks, and we ended up with half a box of breadsticks and half a cheese pizza left, for a total of $147. That was pretty good as we had minimum wastage and made good use of our funds. Extra thanks to Andy and Laura Leffner for bringing in extra paper plates since I forgot those!

We also voted unanimously to donate our usual $200 for Toys for Tots this year. While we were a little late in getting that voted on since Christmas the the week after a meeting, Toys for Tots is really a year-round thing, with Christmas being their biggest time of the year.

Being the New Year, itís also time for club dues. Please bring a check or cash for $20. Dues will be added to the club coffers, and will be used for various activities such as venue reservations (like the VFW), award sponsorships, annual contest war chest, donations, club events and more. The club operates as a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and none of the funds wind up in the memberís pockets except for expense reimbursements for club-sanctioned events.

Contest updates:

Andy Leffler has reminded us to reach out to him if you happen to see an opportunity to promote our upcoming contest. He has high-resolution, high-quality flyers that can be posted in hobby shops, and PDF templates if flyers need to be printed and handed out. You could either get the flyers from him, or he can send you the digital file, and you can print it out at a local Kinkoís (hang on to that receipt so we can reimburse you). There are two more events coming up (Daytonís modeling retreat on Jan 18-20 and the Columbus contest on Feb 16) that we can still hand out flyers at. Additional details on these contests/events are on Page 3.
Andy also reports that he is still having issues adding our event to the IPMS events page. Several clubs reportedly have had some issues too. Ken Kindler suspects it has to do with the scheduling software that IPMS uses, and will be reaching out to Paul Helfrich, the Region IV coordinator, to resolve.
Thanks to Mark Hiott, the club website contest page has also been updated with details on our upcoming contest.
Steve Bacon took advantage of the recent Dragon USA sale to purchase 20 new kits for the contest raffle. He also managed to get his hands on a Trumpeter 1/16 T34 kit as a grand raffle prize. We do have a shortfall on auto and naval kits though, so keep that in mind if you see any fantastic deals.
We have an estimated 35 models available for the raffle.
Paul Flores, bargain master, has also been recruited to find us some deals amongst the vendors on the day of the show.
In addition to purchases, this contest would also be an opportunity for you to do some spring cleaning in your stash. If you happen to have one or several complete kits (doesnít have to be brand new or still in shrink-wrap, but at least have 99% of the parts attached to the sprue) that you donít see yourself ever building, please donate it to the club raffle. We only ask that it be of decent value (so not like, say, and old Starfix kit) so that the raffle ticket buyer gets good value out of his or her win.

Dave Lakey has a proposal for the leftover awards from last yearís contest. As you recall, last year was the clubís 25th anniversary, so we had special awards made. There were about 30 awards left over that did not get presented, and cannot be reused as they were engraved with last yearís contest date (which is why we donít date our awards).
As a test, Dave removed the award plate, cleaned up the glue residue, and with some touchup, turned it into a nice display base:

Dave proposes repurposing all of these awards, and selling them at the contest, in order to recover some of the costs from the unused awards. A price has not been determined as of yet.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

January marks yet another one of our annual White Elephant Parties, a tradition started by John Bowery, one of our former members. The way the game is played is as such:

Modeling News:

As added content for the newsletter, Iíd like to see if we can get some subject matter experts to send me an email or two each month about the latest and greatest in kit releases. It doesnít have to be everything, but at least one or two of what you think would be a hot topic for the genre of your choice. This covers everything from aircraft for figures, and maybe even tools. Like I said, it doesnít have to be an article, just a blurb. All that is needed is the subject name, manufacturer, scale, approximate release date, and maybe a few details on markings, if possible. Articles on modeling history, hints and tips, or kit reviews are as always welcome.

Charlie Haines stopped by Hobbies Ní History two weeks ago for a final visit before his planned year-end shop closing. The good news is that he is postponing the store closure, but he will be slowing down operations. Depending on personal matters and business, the store will run on a reduced schedule. The new hours are:

As Charlie says, internet shopping is great and all, but letís try to stop in and support one of the few "old style" hobby shops left around.

Upcoming Events:

We also have the following contests in the region. Note that Iíve only included events that are within an approximate 300 mile radius. If you wish to look at events beyond, please refer to the official IPMS USA event calendar at:

Upcoming Car Shows:

John Brown Group Build

To remember John Brown, one of our members who passed away last year, we got a bunch of his unfinished kits and started a group build. Here are the builds:

Wunji Lau UH-60A Blackhawk Hasegawa 1/72
Tom Choy Fokker F27 Troopship Esci 1/72

Art Minar A-10A Warthog JAWS Monogram 1/48
Jim Philhower SA-2 on Launcher Trumpeter 1/35

Next Meeting:

We will meet again from 7pm to 9pm at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119, 6525 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236, on December 21, 2018. And again, donít forget itís also the due date for your John Brown Group Build entry, and once again, pizza party!

Show and Tell

Steve Pavy Dwarf Unknown 1/64
Jim Philhower British Mk IV Male Tank Tamiya 1/35

Jim Philhower SU-122-54 Miniart 1/35
Jim Philhower M48AVLB Bridging Tank Dragon 1/35

Preston Stinger Stug IV Dragon 1/35
Preston Stinger 30.5cm Grille "Bar" Amusing Hobby 1/35 (WIP)

Nathan Hays B-26 Marauder Monogram 1/48
Charlie Haines F-14 "Black Bunny" Fujimi 1/72

Charlie Haines Playboy "Femlin" Unknown 1/8
Charlie Haines Merry Christmas Unknown 1/72

Charlie Haines DC-9 Big Bunny Hasegawa 1/144
Larry Cherniak F8F Bearcat Monogram 1/72

Larry Cherniak F2H-3 Banshee Hobbycraft 1/72
Larry Cherniak P-40B Warhawk Airfix 1/72

Larry Cherniak Fw190D-9 Academy 1/72 (WIP)
Larry Cherniak F7F-3N Tigercat Night Fighter AMT/Ertl 1/48

Larry Cherniak F7F-3 Tigercat Monogram 1/72
Larry Cherniak F7F-2 Tigercat AMT/Ertl 1/48

Larry Cherniak 3 Stooges Curly Polar Lights 1/8
Larry Cherniak Boris Safonov Eduard 1/16

Larry Cherniak R5D4 Bandai 1/12
Steve Pavy MSM-07 "Z" Gok Bandai 1/144